Recruitment Process Outsourcing

SPARX HR has a strong, dedicated team of experts to operate out of the Clients’ Offices/Locations to provide the best recruitment solutions to our customers

Ensure that client’s plan is executed well Validate interest and suitability
Understand Organisation Structure and its Culture Assess candidate
A design plan for talent attraction Communicate and coordinate the selection process
Source and screen through multiple channels and referrals apart from own database Closely liaise with Line Managers in negotiating, issue of Offer Letters, and engagement with recruits till Induction

Software Services

Integrated Testing & DevOps

Our team of software Testing and DevOps professionals help our clients integrate independent testing and the latest test automation & devops tools seamlessly and help improve quality

Agile Transformation & Implementation for IT

Our team of Agile-experienced Professionals helps transition our client’s Software Development practices by implementing Scrum and Kanban Methodology

  • Arrive at clear vision and strategy with strong senior management sponsors
  • Enables to build Agile Playbook to identify Zealots & Influencers
  • Delivery focussed on: People/Teams, Programmes/Portfolios and Measurement & Tools
  • Empowerment of broad-based action and alignment of any existing Agile activity
  • Measuring Agile transformation rollouts
  • Coaching and Skill transformation
  • Managing cultural changes